Why I am not buying the X-T1

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Re: Why I am not buying the X-T1

dan the man p wrote:

I find it odd that it seems like a lot of people on this forum (not the OP, just from a casual observation of recent posts) are so interested in this camera. Isn't it just an XE-2 with a bigger EVF and shaped like a DSLR? Seems to me like lenses would be a much better investment for those actually wanting to improve their photography, instead of buying the newest body every 6 months. Incidentally, I thought one of the things that many people loved about the X cameras to date was that they don't have the DSLR form factor.

Note, I'm not an X-system owner (though I might be interested some day), just an outside observer reading the forums because I do like to hear about the latest toys even if I'm not going to buy them.


I have the X-Pro1 & X-E1 at the moment but I will replace the E1 with the X-T1. Reasons... Bigger EVF, Dual SD cards, Flip Screen, Enviro sealed and additional manual dials. And thats before any improvements in AF and manual focus systems.

If you already have the X-E2, then the benefits are reduced but there are some advantages. It depends on your needs.

For me, I'm not going to buy the X-T1 for improved IQ (although it may be a little better), I am buying it for the improved handling / use that the EVF etc will give. I have most of the lenses so I'm happy to update the E1.

What's really encouraging though, is the variety of high quality camera's that Fuji are producing to use with their amazing lenses.... gives confidence for the future.

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