New to DSLR: questions.

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Re: New to DSLR: questions.

erfmedeiros wrote:

Hi everyone...

I've finally decided to start learning photography, so I got this (very) used D70s, since this stuff here in Brazil is obscenely overpriced.

Long story short, previous owner did not have the data cable. I noticed the original Nikon cable has some sort of filter near the end. I tried an ordinary standard USB cable but windows doesn't recognize it. So, is there a problem with the camera, do I have to use a cable with the bulky filter, am I not setting the camera correctly before plugging in, or none of the above?

More questions later.


I think the filter is just a magnet. I don't think its important

It may be a fault on the camera. It may be the camera has a menu options for setting the camera to be a mass storage device

But if it is broken then all you need is to use a card reader

My final tip is to get a RAW converter and shoot RAW. It really increases the image quality. The only thing that is really poor on the D70s is the jpg engine

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