Why I am not buying the X-T1

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Re: Why I am not buying the X-T1

mistermejia wrote:

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

Al Valentino wrote:

Glass is always the best bet. No plnas to upgrade for me but I am eyeing the future 16-55 f/2.8 zoom or maybe the 56mm prime. New camera will not change the pictures but a lens can!

Yes, that's what I am thinking. That 56 lends itself to a lot of how and what I shoot.. buying a new body will not deliver what the lens can deliver.

Not necessarily. A camera CAN make a difference, depending on how is made

There is no way in hell i will get rid of my S5 for a a modern body. At least not yet.

When i had my D7000 and shot jpeg, It didn't matter what lens i had on it, the skin tone output was just terrible, not all the time, but lots of times.

As someone said above, it depends what this camera will have, but Fuji did say, "they would be coming out with some exciting things", and it looks like this is one of them.

Of course if i had already bought a Xe2 or Xpro1 then i would be screwed. I am glad i have been patience and have waited all this time

i understand your point but you compared apples to oranges. The X100s and XE2 are the same sensor and the XT is rumored to also be the same sensor, Xtrans II. So moving from XE2 to T1 will likely mean little to no difference in the resulting pictures. Only the viewfinder, body and a few other features are different, the pictures are the same. Plus, it seems that the jpegs are not better than the XE1 or Pro1 or even the X100. The new is different but not necessarily improved, with regard to jpeg.

Also, i do not think that if you purchased an XE2 you would be screwed. Last week it was a great camera, nothing has changed And most of the new features were anticipated for months.

It always comes done to knowing your needs, thenfinding what fits those needs and of course your budget. Inany case, the maij point is a different lens may offer more than a different X camera.

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