New EM1-inspired Fuji?

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Panasonic has had DSLR form factor since the G1.

jharvey wrote:

It might be argued that the unexpected success of the EM-5 was a factor in the current trend toward the film-SLR lookalikes (in the same way that the unexpected success of the OM-1 started a trend in other camera manufacturers downsizing their SLRs decades ago), but the EM-1 is too recent to be directly linked to anything released to date.

As for the Fuji specifically, with it's EM-5 sized grip, it even looks more like the 5 than the 1. Maybe if their next release goes back towards the larger DSLR-style grip, THAT one could be linked to the EM-1.

Panasonic has had DSLR form factor since the G1.  They also had the LC1 rangefinder years before any retro styled Olympus body.

And Fujifilm made real retro cameras (Design and Controls) a full two years before the EM5 was released.

Other than the two tone paint job, in the sense that the Fujifilm X or Nikon Df are "retro") there is nothing at all "retro" about the EM5.

The EM5 and EM1 don't have manual exposure dials, they don't have mechanically coupled apertures or aperture rings on lenses, they don't accept mechanical cable releases.  The ONLY thing "retro" about the EM5 and EM1 are design cues taken from the OM1. That's it. Retro design cues.

The Fujilfm X and Nikon Df look and more importantly FUNCTION like old film cameras with their exposure dials and mechanical aperture coupling.

I'm not sure if camera styling is enough to warrant a whole thread but don't you guys think you are carrying camera love just a bit too far when it comes to the EM series? But retro or pseudo retro aside, let's not forget that Panasonic has made small DSLR style m43 bodies for years.

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