Manually selecting a focus point on the 70D

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Re: Manually selecting a focus point on the 70D

ormdig wrote:

Thank you for your replies. I don't have access to the camera so I am at a disadvantage not being familiar with Canon cameras.
I didn't explain myself well so will try again. My friend is not the type to read the manual so I am trying to get an answer that I can show to her. When shown something, she retains it.

We managed to select single AF point instead of the "zone" auto mode. She is trying to shoot grandchildren in ambient indoor light with a 50mm at close to max aperture, which is a challenge anyway, and the "zone" mode kept picking the wrong focal point. We are using AF-servo, single point. When I push the AF target button all 19 focal points show up in the viewfinder which is what we are after. Then, using the multi sector wheel I can choose my focal point and obtain a sharp image, which we weren't able to do previously. The problem is that the camera won't stay in that "mode" and the AF target button has to be pressed with each new shot to be able to see and move the focal point. I am trying to find out how to make the focal points show up and be able to move them when I look through the viewfinder without having to press the AF target button each shot. I am sure the camera has this ability, we just don't know how to obtain it.

tr573, I emailed my friend your reply and can tell by her answer she won't try your suggestion on her own but I will next time I have the camera available. Does your answer still fit what I wrote above?

Lemming51, my friend shoots in AV for these types of photos with and I shoot manually so should be able to access what I am after.

Thank you again for your kind replies,

Yes - it's called "direct focus point selection"  and it's one of the options you can set the multi controller for without pressing anything else first (by default it's set to do nothing) - when thats on, you can just move the multi controller at any time to change the selected focus point.    See below from the manual

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