Is Camera Centre UK a good shop?

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Re: Is Camera Centre UK a good shop?

tt321 wrote:

This seems at least 10% cheaper than everyone else. Given that they seem to have two street front shops they should be a reputable operation?

Yes  I'd say they are quite OK.  There are one or two South Wales firms that are very good and quite genuine although they rarely seem to advertise as much as the better known names..  but I see they do not seem to sell Panasonic at all..which is a big disappointment so far as my present immediate needs go.. and looking at a few of the cameras and lenses I do know something about, they don't seem to be anything so very different than I know I could get at some other places..  so perhaps it just happens that they have one thing YOU are interested in which IS a good deal - but I'd certainly check over quite a few other well-known I bet you can find it just pretty much the same - maybe even better - at somewhere definitely a good Seller.

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