XT1 follows the archetype set by Olympus

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Re: XT1 follows the archetype set by Olympus

ApertureAcolyte wrote:

bowportes wrote:

Rudi wrote:

Yep - pure nonsense.

Would say there isn´t to much room for alternative designs.
That got nothing to do with Olympus´s layout and if You want to break it down You can say it´s the "imitation of a classic SLR layout".

How about that ?

And besides, if you are searching for mirrorless archetypes, which is a dubious activity, Panasonic actually produced the first SLR-style mirrrorless with the G1, while Olympus was manufacturing more of a rangefinder style camera, if you could call it that.

Maybe a dictionary would assist you.

No one makes a mirrorless camera styled like the G1 except panasonic. Hardly an "archetype'. The G1 is more like a wannabe DSLR which looks like a black rounded turd, heh

The Olympus pens are based on the Original Olympus pens, which were SLR's not rangefinders.

The X100/X100s on the other hand is a leica imitation.

The original PENs were rangefinders. In fact, everything except the PEN F series was a rangefinder.

As to your original post, what nonsense. If a centered viewfinder hump and a 4 way controller are an 'archetype' they certainly existed before the OM-D, on just about every DSLR known to man.

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