Mrs. Cardinal & Friends (D5100 + 55-300DX)

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Re: Mrs. Cardinal & Friends (D5100 + 55-300DX)

Curtox wrote:

These are indeed wonderfully done. I currently have a D5100 and a 55-200VR myself, and I've been considering the merits of picking up a 55-300VR instead, and your shots here using this combo have further convinced me. I'm curious if you could either confirm or debunk some of the casual observations I've made about the 55-300VR.

First, the 55-300VR appears to be reasonably sharp throughout it's range, however from the images I've seen it becomes very sharp indeed at around f8.

Second, it would appear that at 200mm this lens seems to outperform the 55-200VR based on the test images I've seen, with better sharpness and contrast. Since generally all zooms soften up at their extremes, this isn't surprising, I suppose, but it would seem to me that this makes the 55-300VR a no brainer since it covers the range of the 55-200 and does so with better sharpness up to and beyond 200mm.

Third, I've read somewhat conflicting reports of the AF being slow on this lens. Since I'm frankly fine with the AF speed of the 55-200VR, would you (or anybody who's shot both) say that the 55-200VR and the 55-300VR are reasonably close in terms of AF performance, if not the same?

Much appreciated!


Thank you Curtis,

You are correct - I have found that I ideally use this lens around f7.1 to f8.0.  I have never used the 55-200mm, but the 55-300 does very well up to 260mm, and is still good at 300mm.  I have actually shot this lens at 300mm that often, that I keep considering getting the 300mm f/4.0 for its faster speed.  I may have just gotten lucky with my copy of this lens, but considering its cost, it is one of the best values out there.

The AF is certainly not fast, but fast enough for my needs.  It might be difficult to focus on BIF, but I would assume that it is similar to your 55-200mm lens.



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