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Re: 35mm = film camera...

XeroJay wrote:

My reason for this; most fixed-focal length cameras, including smartphones, come in 35mm equivalent or at least very close to it.

The "35mm equivalent" refers to the equivalent focal length on 35mm film cameras (and digital "35mm" full frame cameras) that gives the same angle of view as the smaller format lens.

For example, a 35mm lens on 35mm film camera (or a digital full frame camera) gives a horizontal angle of view of 54.47 degrees.

For a 1.6x aps-c, you need a 21.4mm lens to get the same AOV. Here are all the numbers:

Camera or film type: Canon EOS 30d (1.6x crop factor aps-c)

Focal length: 21.4mm
Sensor/Film width: 22.5mm
Sensor/Film height: 15.2mm
Subject distance: 2m
Horizontal angle of view: 55.46°
Vertical angle of view: 38.63°
Diagonal angle of view: 64.57°
Horizontal coverage: 2.1m
Vertical coverage: 1.4m
Diagonal coverage: 2.53m
Equivalent camera or film type: Canon EOS 5d mk hII (full frame = 35mm)
Equivalent focal length: 34.24mm

It would make no sense if it was a "35mm lens equivalent" (35mm lens on what).

Dude... Omg... You really just wasted a ton of time on something I have understood for years.

Take a breath, step back and assume that I meant 35mm equivalent in it's most common modern interpretation; the equivalent to 35mm on a full frame sensor or camera.

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