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Re: and I still don't understand how you shot

tko wrote:

I don't care how and why you shoot. You have the perfect right to show in any fashion you want. What bothered me is that you contradicted yourself, and have not clarified your shooting style. That interests me.

You state you want an EVF, but proudly declare you can not hold a box up to your face. With an EVF, you hold the same box up to your face in the same way. This is therefore either a statement that needs to be clarified, or is irrational.

I do not like gazing at the world through my viewfinder. I prefer to stand straight and use my eyes as nature intended. I dislike squinting through a box. I find this act shuts me away from the world.

So, are you saying with a viewfinder you are stooped and crooked? I don't get it. Did nature intend you to look through a EVF?

You claim to prefer a "natural, as intended" shooting style. If you are using liveview, this means holding the camera out in front of you while waving it around, which does not seem natural, or looking at the world through an electronic monitor, which does not seem natural either.

You state you like EVF to judge the photo in camera, but the EVF display doesn't have much to do w/the final photo quality - color balance, intensity, or tonal range - since the EVF is not a calibrated monitor or printer, and can be artificially darkened or lightened as the camera see fit.

If you had simply said "I like EVF," I would have found little to quibble with, because who can judge anothers preferences? But I found your professed reasons very illogical.

This is one of those situations where trying to describe the creative process tends to push me to the stage where my eloquence runs out..

I am probably not describing things well at all.  Sorry about that.

I use the EVF most of the time, (DSLR live view is grim, lets be honest here..)

Let me try and explain what I mean - When one sees an image, there is always the issue of how the person sees the picture and the reality of how the camera sees the picture.  They are seldom the same.

With an OVF a common scenario is :  see the image - pick up the camera - take a shot - chimp a bit - have a play around and adjust things - take another shot - chimp again - maybe adjust things again - take a shot- chimp again - be reasonably happy - move on...  This does not happen all the time, but it can happen when the light changes a lot.

Be honest here, how many times do you shoot, chimp, adjust, and shoot again?  Or maybe you just shoot in RAW and sort it out later?  All perfectly valid I guess.

With an EVF, the process for me goes as follows - see an image, pick up the camera - see the histogram over the image in the EVF - nudge a dial if needed- see the change - take the shot - move on...

I found that with an EVF I spent less time with the camera at my face, less or even no time chimping, and took fewer ( but better ) photos.   But that is just me.

When you get to to know the camera it does not really matter that the EVF is not a perfectly calibrated match to the sensor. It gives you a good enough idea. The live histogram is the main help.

For example, I was in Rome last year and with me I had a NEX7. ( Sold it now.  Maybe I should have kept it...  ) Anyway,  I would wander into some old ruin or religious building and find a combination of natural light streaming through a window,  artificial light in a corner of the image and dark shadows all around.  All cameras hate this stuff and each different camera seems to react differently. You just know you are going to have to make some adjustments, or bracket, or pray that you can sort it all out in PP.

Maybe it is just me, but I found with the NEX 7 that the moment I could look through the EVF I could sense what the camera was making of the scene in terms of WB , highlights and shadows.  It was actually very easy to make some tweaks on the fly and get it right first time.

But, like I said, this is NOT some essay in telling everyone how right EVF's are.  I am not selling anything.  I totally understand if people prefer OVF.  But someone asked me to explain what the hell I am on about, so this is my rather poor attempt at doing so...

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