What Did You Shoot or PP This Week? Week 3

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Re: What Did You Shoot or PP This Week? Week 3

Before moving to Tennessee, I had always lived near the ocean (either the Gulf of Mexico in Texas and Florida) or the South Atlantic (different part of Florida).  Seagulls have always been comical to me, and was amazed to find some right here in Nashville, of all places.  Evidently, they follow or ride the Barge traffic up from the Gulf.  Found a hang out of theirs, and had at it with the X-S1.

Tried it in EXR AUTO (which blew out the highlights in the white feathers on their chest as for some reason it decided S/N (why ? ? ?) was the way to go:  Not!).

For grins, I tried it from the SP menu with the SNOW preset.  Blew out again.

Then I went back to EXR, and selected D/R, which finally did the trick.

This is a 'work in progress' inasmuch as I'm working to find that 'just right' combination of ISO, DR, and keeping an eye on my shutter speeds since these are all at the far end of the zoom range.  But I learned a lot today, and will keep working at it on the right weather days as I can.  And all of you that shoot birds, you know, they just won't pose when you want them to ! !

Anyway, you can read the EXIF's, but they're all JPEG cropped to 4x6 shape for prints, with a little fine-tuning PP.

What a bunch of characters !

No I don't see a fish !  Do YOU see a fish !?!?

Long way from the ocean.  Old Hickory Lake, Nashville, Tennessee.

I'm never going to catch a thing if he keeps yelling . . . . .

I guess I could always, you know, ride the barge back down to New Orleans . . . . .

Who's yelling down there ? ? ?

OK, I AM counting backwards form ten . . . . . .

He NEVER shuts UP !


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