Mrs. Cardinal & Friends (D5100 + 55-300DX)

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Re: Mrs. Cardinal & Friends (D5100 + 55-300DX)

Iain G Foulds wrote:

... Chrasmus: I am with you, the birds are beautiful. And, you have captured the subjects well and sharply.

... Only encouraging you to consider the composition as a whole. Myself, I have birds at my feeder all day long, but I don't photograph them because BAFs are just not artistic or interesting. However, I love to spend hours on the local trails in the hope of a gift of a moment of opportunity- a natural scene of lighting and pose with the subject complimented and enhanced by it's fore and background. Mostly, I return home with nothing. It doesn't matter. Everything is purely a gift.

... A friend eating a birch chip earlier this week.

Best wishes ... Iain

Although some interesting elements in your picture Iain....... This and 95% of the other pictures you post, would end up deleted if they were mine.

I really do not see how you find interest in overly "warmed" pictures, that look like they were shot through a dirty lens. Non-stop OOF focus element directly in front of the subject, just look poorly planned or executed. However, it seems you do this on purpose, then tout to anyone who will listen how your pictures are "art" and theirs are just un-interesting snapshots of "things"

I and others, come here to learn and to teach.... ALWAYS showing a one sided view and touting is as THE way to photograph is dead wrong..... Especially when I and others, who look at photography as art. look at your posted pictures as I had said..... Poorly planned or poorly executed.

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