Mrs. Cardinal & Friends (D5100 + 55-300DX)

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Re: Mrs. Cardinal & Friends (D5100 + 55-300DX)

Iain G Foulds wrote:

... Chrasmus: Some nice clean shots, a good camera and lens set-up. Could possibly lower your Fstop to lower your ISO.

... However, respectfully, the subjects are sharp, but the backgrounds and context are just not interesting or enhancing the subject. Thus, to my eyes, they are dull photos. This forum is divided into the two camps. Those who value only a sharp subject, and care nothing for the background/ context. Which, is fine... I guess. Then, there is the opinion of those who value the composition as a whole- the attraction and art in the balance of the subject and context.

... Photography has to about more than just taking sharp pictures of things. Photography has to be about art.

Thank you for the feedback Iain!

To your eyes these may be dull photos.  In my view the beauty of Photography, as well as other kinds of Art, is that one has the freedom to interpret what one is looking at in any way that one chooses to.  When I look at these photos, I feel a sense of joy and amazement, and I am in awe of what I am seeing.  I appreciate these photos for the beauty of these animals, and to me they are Art.  The backgrounds may not be interesting, but the birds are!

I believe that photography can be about unlimited things - it could even be about taking sharp pictures of things.

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