a7r shutter vibration discussion

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Re: a7r shutter vibration discussion

Douglas Boyd wrote:

I haven't noticed the issue with my A7r using up to 210mm telephoto. The truth is that it is hard to avoid vibration with any camera using longer telephoto lenses and tripods. Later this week I will test using the Sony 70-400mm at 400mm and 2X extender and a tripod compared to D800e with Nikon 800mm lens. Previously I found vibration an issue with the D800e at 600mm and I expect more at 800mm. Therefore I always use a high shutter speed with 400mm and longer lenses. This is where the high ISO capability of the A7r can prove useful. At night there are other issues that induce vibration with any camera, including the wind.... This discussion ranks right up there with the similar discussion about raw image compression artifacts that some claim to see.


thanks for the input doug!

im continually surprised by the vast spectrum of opinion that i can find online for cameras and lenses... its overwhelming at times...

looking forward to hearing out your tests go! and would love to see some of your captures if you care to share them!

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