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You can't always be patient

My E500 was biting the dust in 2011. I couldn't wait for the m4/3rd solution as it really wasn't there for me (lousy at low-light action photography and still marginal 3 years later). Oly's E-XXX series looked dead, so, I went to the dark side, i.e. Nikon D7000.

I'm glad I did. Yes, the electronic camera will probably eventually replace the mechanical SLR. But you've missed two key points. Mechanical cameras have been around for over 100 years. They still function better in certain conditions. And, more importantly, there are literally millions of highly functional SLR lenses out there in Canikon land. The m4/3rd solution killed off the functionality of great Oly 4/3rd lenses. I don't think the Canikon crowd would go as quietly. I had a small investment in Oly lenses. I have a much larger investment in Nikon lenses so I want to see the SLR body or an electronic equivalent that allows continued use of my lenses to continue.

One other point... there is a large and growing population of iPhone shooters who don't even own dedicated cameras. It would not surprise me to find us all at a time in the not too distant future when your choice is a FF SLR or a camera phone and the middle ground (m4/3rd) is a relic like your old film body. My next body will be a full frame SLR. I think economics (profitability) will eventually slim down the camera market with people leaving smaller sensor dedicated cameras behind.

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