I am probably getting a 6D, but I don't really want one

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Re: I am probably getting a 6D, but I don't really want one

So the a7/R ticks most of the boxes but has a loud shutter. So you are going to probably get a 6D even though it ticks far fewer boxes?

+ built in wifi
+ Tilt LCD
+/- 35mm FE (comparable to the 40 STM when on a DSLR, but you specifically call out 40mm)
+ Higher DR
+/- Higher resolution (not sure that's important to you, slight bump with the a7...large jump with the a7R)

- Loud shutter
+ build in wifi
+ 40mm STM
+ More quiet shutter

- No tilt LCD
- Lower DR
-/+ Lower resolution (not sure that's important to you)


Took me all of a few shots to get used to the a7R shutter, but that's just me. Love the EVF, the zebra function when setup properly gives you live warnings of blowout. Just a phenomenal camera.

Ultimately get what you think you'll be most happy with. If it's the 6D, then so be it. If not, then maybe you should wait 6 months or so and see if the options change.


topstuff wrote:

It is something of a "first world problem" I know, but let me explain.

I want a camera that is full frame, with a choice of primes and not too heavy. I would prefer it had built in wi-fi as my experience of eye-fi cards is patchy.

I will also be up-front here and say that one of THE main reasons to go Canon is because of the 40mm pancake lens. I can carry a 6D+ pancake under my jacket on a black rapid strap and it is as easy as carrying a compact.

But here is the thing, there are several things about the camera I do not like, but I will have to live with.

First off and here is the killer - I really prefer an EVF to an OVF these days.

I do not like gazing at the world through my viewfinder. I prefer to stand straight and use my eyes as nature intended. I dislike squinting through a box. I find this act shuts me away from the world.

Instead, I like to see things with my eyes, then lift the camera just as I am about to take the image, fire, and then drop it away again. A single movement, it takes mere seconds.

Not for me , the screwed up face and pressed up nose of peering through a peep hole for too long. Not for me, the act of placing a large black box, like a mask upon my face, so people cannot see me.

An EVF offers me the benefit of immediately sensing that is all is well with a potential picture. I know immediately if the WB is wonky or the EXP Comp needs a tweak - all BEFORE I fire the shutter. With a 6D I will have to get used to chimping again. I hate chimping. It often brings regret, because the moment has already passed when you realise that something was not quite right.

Also, the 6D lacks a tilting rear screen. Another regret.

I don't want an EM-1.

I don't want an A7. I already have some Sony gear, but I dislike the loud shutter of the A7's.

Only one camera may stop me from the 6D - the new FujiFilm XT-1. It is practically as good as Full Frame and has the EVF I prefer.

But it remains a strong possibility that it will have to be a 6D with that delightful little pancake lens in my ideal, most preferred focal length of 40mm.

Surely I can't be the only one who wishes Canon would make something that embraces some of these excellent developments?

That little pancake and the 6D image quality is compelling and there seems little alternative.

So while I am probably going to join your numbers, I must confess that in some respects I am not completely willing.

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