Buying new camera (set) and choice between two m4/3 and FF

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Re: As an example ..

Sergey_Green wrote:

And it beats every lens you can ever have for mFT. And if it is too expensive then there is always 85/1.8 for a fraction of the DC lens price.

On a recent Full Frame Nikon body, sure; but ... that lens alone weighs more than an Em-1 with the 75mm F/1. attached. Try taking your FF lenses onto a plane with you ... or walking around on holiday. Plus, you sure stand out ... When you add a Nikon FF body, things get once again, a lot heavier. And bigger ... the lens itself is almost 5 inches long, and it weighs almost 2 pounds.

The 75mm has won awards for lack of distortion - but in the future, improved sensors will out resolve the 75mm. That's progress. Just as with the 800E Nikon FF, portrait photographers have found the new sensor too sharp.

So - we are approaching an era, where the old bottlenecks have shifted. m43 sensors were crap. Now, they perform much like good APS/C sensors. And all such sensors, will continue to get better too.

The bottleneck in quality these days, has shifted far more to the event and to the photographer. 3D lenses may challenge all the rules we currently have about depth of field adjustment. And also what we'll use the photographs for is also changing ... so while I recommended a low cost FF camera for this thread starters best option - like you - its not a simple decision IMO. The fact is that the EM-1 handles superbly, has an immense "keeper" rate, has a wide choice of prime lenses, and its a light weight package. Its unique at the moment, but for Pro studio work, its not in the ballpark. But then again, an FF Nikon isn't either.

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