Cheap lenses for the X-E1

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Re: Cheap lenses for the X-E1

I have done a lot of research on this point for both my XE1 and also my Sony A7r.

Firstly with Fuji X its hard to beat the 18-55 F2.8 zoom. Its a terrific lens and suits 95% of my image requirements with the XE1. However if manual focus and legacy lenses are your desire then here are the lenses I have found superb:

1. Contax G Zeiss, 28 F2.8, 45 F2 and 90 F2.8 with Fotodiox adapter. They are small, light and very sharp. The 45mm is the best. Slightly warm colours and they work better on the A7r than the XE1 but very very nice. Close in performance to Fuji X but warmer in colour.

There is also a Contax g 35-70 zoom which would be suitable on the XE1/2. I have not used it but seen images from it that are good. Contax G are hard to beat for XE1/2 for size, weight, cost, performance and look. They are generally on a par with Fuji lenses, warmer coatings bt the adapters are a bit notchy. A good substitute for a Fuji lens.

2. Minolta Rokkor 50mm MD F1.4 a gorgeous protrait lens. Beautiful rendering and colour. Bokeh is divine and one of the best lenses I have for bokeh. Cheapish as well. Small, metal and slightly heavy. I have the Rokkor 24mm F2.8 and it is good but I don't find it good enough.

3. Canon FD 85mm F1.8. This one is super on the A7r. Again beautiful rendering and bokeh.I think this would be great on the XE1 as well. Cheap.

4. Nikon 105mm F2.5 AIS - superbly sharp and great colour. Right up there. Not too big and heavy and not too expensive. Older Nikon 50mm F1.8D is also good. Small, light and cheap. Canon EF 50 1.8 would be very similar.

Then there are other lenses that are quite large but superb:

1. Canon 70-200mm F4L. Wow what a lens. Amazing on A7r it would be a longish telephoto on XE1 at 105 -300 equivalent.

2. Zeiss Contax Yashica 28-85 F3.5. Superbly sharp but a bit large and heavy.

3. Lecia R lenses would be good. Some aren't as expensive as you may think - around $600 or less.

There was a great thread a while ago about best bokeh images I think it was on the Nex site or it may have been here. That showed up a lot of great lenses. Minolta Rokkor is a common recommendation, Oly Zuiko comes up a lot, some Pentax. I would be careful of the fast SMC older Pentax as some are radioactive as is the Canon FD 56 F1.2.


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