Want to do a wet sensor clean myself

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Re: Want to do a wet sensor clean myself

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I'm not a big fan of wet cleaning. And with dry tools today, it's not needed. Here is everything you need to keep your sensor clean as the day you got it with no solutions needed! And it won't even break the bank...total cost is under $100

I use that set up and it works without a hitch!

If it works for you, that's fine. But the items you posted have absolutely NO effect on stuck-on dust specks and lubricant. For that you need a wet cleaning kit such as this one:

Wet & Dry Sensor Kit

I have the sensor pen and it works OK for picking up loose dust but I had no luck with it on the more stubborn particles and oil. I would never use an adhesive on my sensor, no matter what anyone says.

So you can mess around all you want but nothing beats a wet cleaning with Eclipse - nothing.


Not true at all. I had some smears that came right off.

Do not overdose Eclipse 2 drops max.

I use Copperhills method with Eclipse and use about 4-5 drops.  I apply each drop next to one another across the swab without overlapping the fluid. I've used this method since the D70 was released.  You want the swab with the pec-pad to have some Exclipse all along the contact area or your going to miss some dust.

The Gel stick looks like a very good option while traveling.


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