Choice between D610 and D800

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Alan Brown
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no, I wouldn't want to use crop mode either

Rservello wrote:

why shoot a ff can in crop mode? Makes no sense to me. Just get a d7100 if you want a 24mp crop And save a ton of cash.


And for FF, not crop mode, it makes sense to get the D600/610 for the 24 mp resolution plus the extra DR.  For many if not most people, 24 mp FF is ideal, in terms of today's technology.
Tom B

You do lose DR
I didn't believe it until I did my own test,

Many in the forum do not see the D600/610 as an option for FF users. It's tolerated with the Tar Brush description of 'entry level' as if it were a D3100,

The IQ (which is universally regarded as considerable) is rarely mentioned.

Not everyone wants a physically large camera body. I have had the relatively compact D300/700 and was pleased to have the smaller body option.

My 2 cents
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