Buying a used K-7

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Re: Buying a used K-7

Ohh man too many choices now. I don't know which to go for, being so new to this! I'm going to list all my available options, which do you think would be best?! Bearing in mind I'm trying not to spend too much (ha!).

1) Used K-7 from ad. Comes with k/l 18-55mm + DA 50mm f1.8 for £350 - I'd have two lenses then, and I'm sure I can get the price down further, but it's from a private seller.

2) Used K-7 from SRS. Body only, so I'd have to buy a lens too. Not sure which though! I like the look of the DA 50-200, but think I might prefer a lens with a wider angle. Body + ~200 for lens = £450. So only one lens here, and more expensive, but comes with the SRS warranty and I'll know they've checked it over before selling.

3) K-5 from Japan. Body only, so again I'd have to choose a lens. £280 + probably £80 once shipping and VAT have been factored in. Then ~200 for a lens. So roughly £560 for a better camera, but only one lens, and it's from Japan so any problems with it and I'm up a certain creek.

4) Used K-5 on eBay with 18-55mm WR kit lens. Bidding, currently on £310

5) K-50 with DA 18-55mm on SRS for £529, or £629 with the 50-200mm as well, both WR.

My wallet is telling me to go for option 1 - good camera, two lenses... but my brain is saying the extra money would be worth it both now and in the long run, simply having a better camera and the security that comes with getting it from an actual dealer!

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