Help, did I screw up my sensor?

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Re: Help, did I screw up my sensor?

rgolub wrote:

You are being excessively paranoid. The coating on the glass plate in front of the sensor (you aren't touching the sensor itself) is pretty hard. A tiny bit of saliva acid isn't going to hurt it (nor help it much).

Thousands of photographers have dribbled gallons of various fluids on the sensor covers over the years. Yes, you can screw it up, but it takes some doing. Using a wet cleaning method (Copperhill) with good solvents and CLEAN supplies is quite safe.

Using an electostatic method with a fine nylon brush (Visible Dust) is even safer although not quite a thorough and doesn't work on oily deposits.


I know I'm more paranoid than a reasonably handy person needs to be, but I can be terribly clumsy. Besides, I have heard bad stories about cleansing that went wrong. One of them was a friend of mine who scratched his Leica M9 sensor when cleaning it. He was used to cleaning his sturdy Canon DSLR sensor, but apparently the M9 is much more sensitive. He could have bought a very decent brand new DSLR for the repair cost Leica charged.

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