Nikon AI-s lenses - quality tests

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Re: Nikon AI-s lenses - quality tests

Z Steve wrote:

As others have said, the wides are nothing to enthuse about. From 50mm up, many of the older lenses deliver pretty good images. The problem for me is that these longer lenses rarely offer an appreciably better image than the f/4 VR zooms at my preferred f/5.6-f/9.

Steve --

You bring up a point that, frankly, is hard for me to get past.  In truth all these lenses have to be shot at f4 to f5.6 to get edge performance really satisfactory.  But at that point we are close to kit-zoom territory, so why bother?

And when it comes to primes, truly the f1.8Gs are hard to beat for a 28-50-85 range.  And i get AF.  And i get flash automation.  At least the AISes will matrix meter with many bodies now.

Look, i love using them, they will last until the second coming, but i really cannot say that i see the difference in my prints.

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