D700 MB-D10 Grip & NI-MH Batteries

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Re: D700 MB-D10 Grip & NI-MH Batteries

rcb11 wrote:

I also bought a grip (non-OEM) for my D700 a few months ago, I bought 8 - Tenergy Premium 2500 mAh Ni-mh batteries, and they have been working fine, make sure they have a full charge, I tried them out of the box, and the camera stayed at 5 fps.

I just bought 8 eneloop 1900 mAh NI-mh batteries as suggested here and elsewhere. They are slow discharge and they claim to be already charged fresh out of the box. The claim is true. They worked great! The camera instantly recognized them when I put them in my MB-D10 and the FPS was much faster than the standard 5 fps.

I'm going to test them tomorrow on my Nikon SB-800 and SB-910 flashes tomorrow. If they work fine there I'll be buying more eneloops.

On a side note, I was changing batteries a couple weeks ago, and slid the battery tray into the grip with the camera on (inadvertently), and I got the dreaded solid grey rear LCD screen, not sure how common a problem , but I know it's known. I tried complete power down , pulling all batteries, and 2-button reset, nothing worked to bring it back to life. Not sure if it was because of the aftermarket grip or not, I have read about people having same problem.

Thanks for the tip.  I hadn't heard of that problem but I'm always careful to turn stuff off before adding any electrical accessory such as flash, grips, etc.  But it is nice to know that I really need to be careful about turning off the camera before taking out or putting in the batter tray.

I've also heard too many complaints about the after-market Chinese knock-offs for the Nikon MB-D10 grip.  I always buy Nikon rather than after-market.

I also checked my records and my Powerex (MAHA brand) batteries are 5 years old.  I test them in a battery tester and they are still good but, 5 years is a long time.

I'll test other Powerex batteries that I haven't tried in the grip yet after charging them fully tomorrow.  If they don't work either I'm tossing all my Powerex batteries and replacing them with Eneloop.

Regardless of the outcome, if my Eneloops work in my flashes (and I have no reason to think they won't), I now have a brand that I know works for all my needs and will stock up on them.

Thanks for all the replies.  Your input was gratefully appreciated.

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