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Joe Pa wrote:

Rservello wrote:

A new Df is still less expensive than a used M9...but honestly, if I were going to put out that much cash for a camera...I would spend a little more and get the M9. The Df is for hipsters that want to play old school photo dress up. The Leica digital M-series is for people that want to actually shoot photos the way we used to.

I agree, admittedly I haven't used a Nikon since my days shooting film but I don't see the attraction of the Df in the current market. $2500 seems like a lot of money for a camera that has had a lobotomy so to appeal to old school photographers.

I liked 1960's and 70's muscle cars but I don't want to give up my fuel injected engines, tuned suspension, manual lock / windows, GPS and Bluetooth in a new car so I can feel like I did when I was a kid.

I think Nikon is doing a lot of great things, some even better than Canon, but they kind of missed the mark with the Df in my opinion.

Well, the Df is like having the 60's muscle car interior and exterior...but a modern automatic transmission and fuel injector.  For some its all about the fashion of it...and it's great.  For others its about the gearbox and the power that comes from horrible, petrol guzzling 10mpg performance!  For a gear head....a 1965 chevelle with a 2014 charger engine would be a joke.

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