Grafitti Galore...Austin Style!

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Re: @ Glenn....

JP Scherrer wrote:

gnagel wrote:

Stomie wrote:

...& nicely captured. However, in the way that you have composed & captured the artwork, placing & claiming copyright in your photographs is likely to be inappropriate & legally incorrect (possibly making you liable). Despite the work being "Public Art", it was created by someone else. Some your pics actually show it to be signed. It may even have been paid commissioned work. It's wise to be careful photographing artwork & publishing it with your copyright on the photos. Just my couple of cents

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Thanks Stomie...I appreciate your comment. I am going to pull these photos down as I don't wish to create any copyright issues for me or the grafitti artists!


Maybe a silly question but.....

Did the "artists" have an authorization to paint on these walls ? If not, their "work" is illegal IMHO ! ...hence they don't have any copyright !

.....and YOU have all freedom to take pictures and signing them !

Well, after all, this is a country where the criminals have the right to sue for better benefits
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