Filters on my RX100M2: Neutral Density and Polarizing Filter Questions

Started Jan 20, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Filters on my RX100M2: Neutral Density and Polarizing Filter Questions

I posted these filter questions on the Open Forum, but also thought I'd post it here so I can get direct feedback on what other RX100 and RX100M2 users are using on their cameras.

I'm getting a Magfilter adapter as I want to be able to attach a Neutral Density filter for video to keep shutter speed down in sunlight, but it would also be useful in still photography to create the nice effects you get with very slow shutter speeds on water. So I thought a Variable ND filter would be more useful to give me more control here.

And if I'm getting the adapter ring and an ND filter, at the same time I might as well get a Poloarizing filter.

However, I have come up with several questions in deciding what to get: brands, Linear vs Circular Polarising Filters, Variable ND filters vs fixed. Please note I live in New Zealand so I will likely be purchasing through reputable sellers on Ebay.

My questions are:

1. Which brands are acceptable quality without getting too expensive?

2. I have read that you need Circular Polarizing Filters for DSLR as Linear Polarizing Filters interfere with focusing. However, I have also read that Linear Polarizing filters are a cheaper, perform a bit better, and are fine for a compact like my RX100M2. However, most of the better Polarizing Filters seem to be Circular anyway, so what would be best for me to get?

3. Are any of the less expensive Variable Neutral Density filters worthwhile? From what I've read, VND filters need to be manufactured to very high standards as they have 2 layers of glass, and unless you are prepared to pay for those ones that even a cheap fixed ND filter will perform better than the less expensive VND filters.

4. Variable ND filters seem to use 2 stacked linear polarizing filters that you rotate to reduce the light. Does this mean that a Variable ND filter will have the same effect as a Polarizing Filter? It would be nice of just getting one good VND filter meant I didn't have to purchase a separate Polarising Filter.

I never anticipated purchasing a Neutral Density and Polarising filter would result in so many questions! Thanks for any feedback.

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