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user_name wrote:

I hear you, but the main thing about the M system is the lenses. This is what makes the whole thing work as eloquently as it does.

The quality of the optics is one thing, but the size of the lenses owe to the fact they are tailored specifically to the M body. You can't make your F-mount lenses smaller, so even if you made a rangefinder body that took F-mount lenses, the system would always be larger and bulkier.

Also, the M system does not do well with ultrawide angle and telephoto lenses. That is just the nature of a rangefinder's viewfinder. It's clunky to use those adapters to get the correct field of view.

Why not do what I did. Just but a used M8 and one or maybe two M lenses to satisfy. I find the 1.33 crop factor tolerable and the small 10.3mp sensor size still produces some excellent output due to the lack of an AA filter.

You can buy a new or used Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 M mount lens and a used M8 for less than a Df body (let alone a used M9 body). You need a B&W UV/IR cut filter for any lens you buy for the M8.

Still a little pricey? Buy a Voigtlander lens instead.

If it floats your boat, keep it. If not, flip it and you won't really lose any money.

Oh trust me, the M8 is certainly on my radar.  I've seen them as low as $1700.  I already bought a D600 this year...so if I bought a Leica too I would have some massive hell to pay...so I decide against the wraith.  I could technically afford an M9...but again...wraith.

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