Panasonic GM1 with 14-140mm lens vs Panasonic FZ200 vs Sony RX10

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Panasonic GM1 with 14-140mm lens vs Panasonic FZ200 vs Sony RX10

Hi photo lovers!

I've currently got an Canon EOS 500D which works well for me. I have a Canon 10-22mm lens for wide angle shooting and a Tamron 18-270mm for good zooming. But after nearly 5 years, I'm feeling like many DSLR enthusiast, the weight and hassle of 2-3 lenses plus a large-ish camera makes it a difficult travel companion.

I'm looking at 3 options all with very different pros and cons. While I place image quality highest, I really need the reach too with less bulk. My Tamron 18-270mm lens pretty much sits permanently on my 500D because it's sooooo versatile.

OPTION 1: Panasonic GM1 with 14-140mm lens:

This option leans on the expensive side having to add the zoom lens but boy the GM1 is sooooo tiny. For everyday shooting I could just use the small kit lenses. Pocketable point and shoot size with great quality!

However, my question is this - has anyone put a big lens (like a 14-140mm) on a small GM1 body? How does it feel? And is the 140mm zoom enough for most things, including when travelling?

OPTION 2: Panasonic FZ200

This option is attractive as it's cheapest and apparently quality is pretty good due to the constant f2.8 aperture up to max zoom. This means, I am more likely to capture sharp images of moving subjects at a distance where the flash can't reach. And no lenses to contend with!

However, if this was the case, the Canon SX50 HS is an option despite the slower lens. That said, the FZ200 is simply attractive from the point of view that we won't be able to get a everytday superzoom (e.g. 18-270mm) lens at 2.8 for my DSLR... and if it exists, it'll be prohibitively expensive.

OPTION 3: Sony RX10

OK this one's a wildcard. Zoom is only about 8x zoom up to 200mm but boy the image quality is superb, beating options 1 and 2.

However, this option is very expensive (at this point in time). But I've seen images captured, quality is great. But is 8x zoom enough? Especially when you're trying to capture distant subjects?

Would appreciate your thoughts. It's been difficult researching, everything has pros and cons. Image quality and superzoom tend to be opposing forces in physics...!

Thanks heaps!


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