Tamron 150-600mm Lens thread number 2

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Re: Tamron 150-600mm Lens thread number 2

Demoguy, What I found odd was a comment the Tamron USA customer service rep made to me during our conversation. He stated that all the versions are made and sitting in a warehouse in Japan and no Nikon or Sony versions have left there as yet. That raise a eyebrow on this old production manufacturing managements guy's face. IF that statement is true then I see a progressive launch as a profit reducing marketing mechanism. We pay considerable taxes here in the USA for inventory on hand both raw and finished. If the manufacturing taxes are the same then this idol product is costing them just sitting there. My guess is this customer service guy was mistaken.

The cost efficient way to progressively launch a new product is to make a limited amount of one version. Let the customers use it for awhile and see if there is a problem they found that was not found in R&D. Correct any easily correctable items that may of been found and do a full production run of that version and expand the market area. At the same time launch a limited amount of the next version and repeat the process all over again in your test market. That continues till all versions were controlled launched and final production were made. This makes sense and protects the companies reputation because it is unlikely that a catastrophe will make it out into the global marketplace.

I'd like to say I am patiently waiting for mine but with the miss information my NYC retailer posted and my Dec pre order having most of it already paid for to them due the methods I used to pay for this item being charged at the time the order was placed. I cannot say I am not in a hurry to get it. It is going to be a very long 5 months it seems for me....

I just brought up my NYC retailers Tamron 150-600mm lens ads and the Nikon version is now showing 3/31/14 for a expected date and no dates for the other two but we know they did ship some of the Canon orders out last Friday.

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