Nikon AI-s lenses - quality tests

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Re: Nikon AI-s lenses - quality tests

AZ Steve wrote:

When the D800E lured me back to Nikon after a few years with Canon, I eagerly dug out my AI, AIS and AF-D lenses and tested them systematically on arrays of resolution charts. I very much wanted to love the 20/3.5 but the edges weren't encouraging even at f/8-11.

I do not shoot resolution charts. And if I did, I wouldn't be surprise that the corners of 20mm/3.5 is soft, because it has some field curvature. In real life this can be a problem, or it can help out placing the sharpness in a 3d world.

When flaring is the problem, I choose a lens like 20mm/3.5 because that lens solve the problem. There is no help of a lens with super resolution if the picture is spoiled by flare.

The 20mm/3.5 is not a perfect lens, but because of its good sides, I have no problem liking it.

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