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EKB wrote:
My theory for the lack of a D400 is that Nikon had (and possibly is still having) a lot of trouble with EXPEED4 and getting a system that can move 24MP at 8+ FPS. They were expecting it for the D4, but it wasn't ready, so they made the D4 a 16MP camera in order to keep the FPS up. They wanted it for the D800 but it wasn't ready, so they made the D800 a 36MP camera with the trade-off that it only can shoot 4 FPS. And they held off on releasing a D400, because they weren't yet able to do a 24MP camera that can shoot 8+ FPS.

And if the D4s turns out to be 16MP again, as rumor has it, that's a sign that EXPEED4 still isn't at the point of being able to break the old speed barrier. But until that speed barrier is broken, Nikon won't release a D400. Nikon believes, with reason, that a D400 will flop if it can't shoot 24MP at 8 FPS, even with a grip.

I do not agree with that assumption that because Expeed4 did not work, that is why Nikon used a 16MP sensor in the D4 and a 36MP sensor in the D800. Those sensors took a lot of work to make them function properly and I don't think just a limitation with the hardware chip made Nikon choose those sensors. The D7100 can shoot 6fps with the 24MPx sensor but is somewhat limited by its small buffer. As Nikon has the shutter technology to support 8fps, I think with a little software and buffer wizardry, Nikon can make a 8fps DX 24MPx camera. The reason they are not making is more business related than tech related in my opinion. I believe Nikon's market analysis showed lower margins or perhaps negative return on capital for such a camera, which includes cannibalizing the sales of the D4 etc. Canon not releasing the 7D2 is perhaps based on a similar market analyses.

Once the bodies like D800 and 5D3 have made enough returns, Nikon and Canon then can convert them to 24MPx high fps DX bodies with little extra cost and able to get a better ROI. I believe that or something very similar is the reason.

Of course another reason is that the stores simply don't want the Nikon and Canon to carry too many models at the same time and the manufacturers are siding with them. If you are a store, think of your capital and space requirements if you have to carry too many concurrent models.

Have a great day.

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