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Re: Poll re Nikon Df

lost_in_utah wrote:

bikinchris wrote:

I like the Df just fine, but what I would like to see Nikon make is a digital Nikon S with the ability to use F moiunt lenses. I would prefer and FX sensor, but a DX would be cool also.

What do you think? Flame suit....on.

The second sentence doesn't make any sense. I'm not sure what you're asking. Should "and" be exchanged with "an"? I understand if you aren't a native English speaker, it's just hard to understand what's asked.

Actually, non-native English speakers tend to have better grammar and sentence structure than many English speakers. The difference between an article and a conjunction is quite significant. Of course, spell-check does not catch such errors, so they proliferate. A greater problem might be that the thread title has little to do with the subject matter. I very nearly ignored this thread.

OK, that is enough grammar commentary. On the original subject, the OP seems to be wishing for a mirrorless F-mount camera. Fujifilm is already playing on this field, with the X-series with interchangeable lenses. I know little enough about marketing, so cannot say whether it would be a wise business decision for Nikon to try this concept. The 1-series is mirrorless, with a smaller sensor, that can use F-mount lenses, coupled with an expensive adapter. Would a mirrorless, interchangeable-lens Nikon camera, with a DX or FX sensor, orphan or cripple the 1-series? Nikon seems to be afraid of their systems cannibalizing each other, as it is.

Personally, I am seriously considering the purchase of a Fujifilm X Pro this year, perhaps also acquiring a Novoflex FUX/NIK adapter, but some of the Fuji X lenses are quite appealing. If Nikon offered a well-executed F-mount DX or FX mirrorless, I would have the option of staying within a system I am already using, but being unable to use the Fuji lenses.

I reckon that I might well be interested in an FX or DX mirrorless, but only if well-executed. As the owner of elegantly simple FM3A film bodies, I think the Df was not well-executed.

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