Two cameraa are tossed your way...

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Re: Two cameraa are tossed your way...

wasserball wrote:

Rick_Hunter wrote:

I'd grab the D3S (I already own one) because it still is a great wedding/sports/PJ camera. Rugged, fast, responsive, and nails focus everytime.

I'd let the D800E fall. Too much resolution, too many focus issues, especially with fast 1.4 or 1.8 primes.

I prefer my D600: imho it's the right compromise resolution wise, DR is the same as D800 and 24 mpix are more than enough for over 95% of any assignment one may get. Did I mention that here in italy a D600 costs 65% LESS than a D800E? hehe

Amen. I didn't know there was another photographer with the logic of owning the D3s and the D600. No D4 or D800 for me.

My points for choosing a D600 over a D800/E:

- Much cheaper while also being lighter and smaller albeit with a similar degree of weather sealing

- More reasonable (and more than enough) resolution while providing same DR and same (maybe even slightly better) high ISO performance, and with a better burst rate.

- D800/E seems to have focus issues with fast primes and/or with speedlight's AF illuminators, D600 does not have these issues

- D800/E require faster safe shutter speeds to avoid motion blur at pixel level - D600 also requires faster shutter speeds than D3S but not as much as a D800/E

- U1 and U2 modes are incredibly useful for a working pro (eg: in a wedding I can have the camera istantaneously set up for different shooting scenarios, and in each scenario you can have every conceivable shooting parameter customized/tailored to your needs)

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