Help, did I screw up my sensor?

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Re: Help, did I screw up my sensor?

PenPix wrote:

In the future, make sure you thoroughly clean your work area, were a short sleeve lint-free shirt, turn on a evaporative humidifier, and use a blower bulb and vacuum to clean inside the camera, before putting the swab on the sensor. I wish that would have been recommended on the instructions. That kind of attention to dust is what we used to do when handling negatives.

Won't hurt, but you are being excessive. A quick blow out of the mirror box will keep most of the dust particles away long enough to clean the sensor unless you're in a particularly dirty environment. The particles are small enough that they just float - they don't beeline to camera. Electrostatic bonding is actually pretty weak.

I just wipe down my workbench (because I've usually been grinding / soldering / gluing something) and use a brief blow out of the mirror box with a Giotta bulb, then the Visible dust brushes unless it's really dirty / oily in which case I will pull out the Pec Pads and Eclipse.  Long sleeve cotton shirt typically.  Labrador Retrievers bouncing up and down.

Remember, you are cleaning off an area that will promptly get sealed up again. You're not leaving large swatches of electrostatic plastic (negatives) out in the air for hours for dust to drift on to.

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