Nikon AI-s lenses - quality tests

Started Jan 18, 2014 | Discussions thread
AZ Steve Regular Member • Posts: 280
Re: Nikon AI-s lenses - quality tests

When the D800E lured me back to Nikon after a few years with Canon, I eagerly dug out my AI, AIS and AF-D lenses and tested them systematically on arrays of resolution charts.  I very much wanted to love the 20/3.5 but the edges weren't encouraging even at f/8-11.  As others have said, the wides are nothing to enthuse about.  From 50mm up, many of the older lenses deliver pretty good images.  The problem for me is that these longer lenses rarely offer an appreciably better image than the f/4 VR zooms at my preferred f/5.6-f/9.  Certainly if I used wider apertures, such lenses as the handsome and optically fine 85mm f1.8 would see some use.  The 400mm f/5.6 AIS delivers a fine image wide open, but lacks AF and VR. . .

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