Buying new camera (set) and choice between two m4/3 and FF

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Re: Buying new camera (set) and choice between two m4/3 and FF

goshigoo wrote:

1) I do lots of macros (1:1-9:1 scales!) and close-up photos 1:2-1:4) with my E-520
2) I take lots of landscape and environment photographs
3) I love shallow depth of field and especially on portraits, motion shots are like second nature for me.

Body - D610: GBP 1299

1) and 3) - Nikon 105 Macro VR: GBP 609

2) Nikon 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5: ~GBP 500
Total: GBP 2408

Other lenses for portrait:
35 f/1.8: GBP 519
85 f/1.8: GBP 379

While you are right perhaps, its not that simple.

For instance, portraiture is traditionally 85mm to 135mm.

As an example, the Nikor 135 F/2.0 lens.

You Pay:$1,299.00

It also lacks image stabilisation - something that an Olympus m43 provides. at F/2.0

The depth of field of the Nikon 135 at F/2.0, from 15 feet, is about 0.44 feet. The Olympus 75mm (equivalent to a 150mm in "reach") @ F/1.8 (where its incredibly clean) is 0.66 feet. Step forwards two feet, and the depth of field becomes 0.49 feet - similar to the Nikon on an FF sensor. And that half a foot is less than the depth from a shirt's front to the back of one's head anyway ... focusing such lenses adequately is a real issue due to shallowness of depth of field, even with the 75mm m43 lenses here.

Bokeh wise - the difference will be how the lens creates bokeh - which is a somewhat esoteric valuation. Commentators say the Olympus 75mm has great bokeh ...

When I take photos of people with the 25mm Panasonic Sumilux prime, I've found in dinner table shots, that it's F/1.4 setting results in only one person ever being in focus ... it becomes extremely difficult to capture two people's faces in focus in such common environments. Hence F/1.4 even in a m43, is not an easy lens to operate. In FF cameras, its often a nightmare.

So ... even comparing FF with m43, things are not "black and white". And interestingly, there is little difference between APS/C and m43 ... so its strange so many have condemned m43's sensors as being much smaller than APS/C, when in practice there's little depth of field differences.

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