Lumix G3 upgrade or... ?

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Lumix G3 upgrade or... ?

I'm wondering where to go with this.... on the one hand I like the evf and grip of the G3 but the battery life sucks (buy spares?) and the camera (viewed from the top) has a rather ungainly profile resulting in it catching on almost every corner of my pouch when I try to pull it out.

AF is good but not lightning fast compared to my Nikon D300, and for the most part I am able to use it easily without having to dig down in the menus: Exposure in P(rogram mode) ISO and WB are all accessible without me having to access the onscreen menus, which is great.

So... with a budget of $800 US I am wondering what to do next.

Option 1 buy the PL 25/1.4. Too big a profile (i.e not a pancake) but (I assume based on the test shots I took) stellar IQ even wide open. But will that be enough to lift the average high ISO performance of the G3?

Option 2 Buy a 14-140 zoom and keep shooting (IOW, keep the G3 as a travel cam and the D300 for portraits, macro and street?

Option 3 sell the G3 and replace it with:

  • E-PL5 / E-P3 + a 14/2.5 to start out with....
  • Fuji X100. I have tried it out and I like the overall feel of the traditional controls, and it slips in and out of my bag so easily, so maybe with the latest firmware it's a good option? Battery life sucks ...
  • Fuji X-E1 + 18/2... I have tried it out and I like the overall feel of the traditional controls. Battery life sucks ...
  • Nikon 1 V1 - the "Tetris camera" + 18.5/1.8 lens for super fast AF and decent IQ and ability to use my Nikon primes... albeit with D80 ISO level performance.
  • GX7 - body only based on my budget... save up for a lens ... what's the point then?
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