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Re: Market leaders usually lead - for a reason

mapgraphs wrote:

Which all makes it kind of sad that Olympus abandoned the DSLR market considering the stellar reputation of the 4/3 lens line. Smaller per se isn’t better, it’s just smaller.

Actually, all they ever got was flak for the "small sensor", so it stands to reason that they tried to capitilise on that by making smaller cameras and lenses.

Also you are assuming that "mirrorless" necessarily implies "small". You can make a D4 sized camera with an EVF and no mirror. I expect such things lie in the future; notice how as the tech matures, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony are all releasing bigger "enthusiast" cameras that look like DSLRs but don't contain the SLR bit.

If the market research said there was growth potential, long term, in “mirrorless” you can bet Canon and Nikon would be in that market, cannibalizing their own product line in the process.

The thing they don't want to do is release a "mirrorless DSLR" that performs worse than the model it is replacing. At the moment mirrorless cameras are still trying to conclusively nail the PDAF / tracking issue. And EVFs are only just getting to the point where their advantages over OVFs outweight their disadvantages. But this is fast evolving tech.

So jump too soon and they will be ridiculed, jump too late and they risk missing the boat (as Olympus did with the transition from film to DSLR). But I doubt many cameras 5 years from now will be blinding their sensors by sticking a mirror in the way whatever their size.

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