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The Future is Now

Doctor Lecter wrote:

...but its fruit is sweet." —Aristotle

I keep thinking of all these poor saps who are cutting their line and running into the hands of Canikon. BAD move, IMHO.

"The Future is Now"--George Allen

I have been looking at the E-M1 and have read a lot about it, including a look at customer reviews at the Adorama, B&H, and Amazon site.  On the basis of these reviews, it appears that a fair number of E-M1 customers are/were Canikon customers, some buying a second system and some buying in completely (selling off their gear to do so).   Granted these are reviews and my opinions are formed on an unscientific assessment of these reviews, but I found it striking the number of customers who made this claim, many claiming the size/weight/quality advantages of the E-M1 over their current equipment.  There are people moving in the other direction--from Canikon to Olympus.

From the standpoint of a FT user, the E-M1 seems to have decent results focusing the FT lenses and there is a credible FT path. There is a micro FT path as well that can be adopted.  If you own FT glass you can phase  mircro FT glass it in over time. Lots of legacy SHG FT glass can be found at prices in used markets which were unthinkable a couple of years ago.

The EVF has some disadvantages, but also some significant advantages as well.

A lot of people bagged on the E-5 for its size, but the E-M1 is compact and the battery grip makes it workable with FT glass.

Now is a pretty exciting time, particularly compared to how things were just a couple of years ago.

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