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Re: Market leaders usually lead - for a reason

TrapperJohn wrote:

There is now. Mirrorless hits them with size, right at a time when big cameras are falling out of vogue.

that's probably what Microsoft was thinking when mobile came along. Nothing can challenge us...


If Nikon and Canon’s growth has slowed, Panasonic’s market share is shriveling, and Olympus the same, it kind of points to a change in the consumer electronics market – AS A WHOLE. They’re all loosing business. However, Olympus and Panasonic have a lot less room to maneuver than C & N or even Sony. And it will be interesting to see where Olympus goes with another m4/3 competitor (“Kodak”).

Which all makes it kind of sad that Olympus abandoned the DSLR market considering the stellar reputation of the 4/3 lens line. Smaller per se isn’t better, it’s just smaller. Smaller didn’t work for Olympus the last time around, but they’re doing it all over again, for the same reasons. It really looks like Olympus management is stuck in a failed view of the camera market, a view that eventually bombed (the E1 - E5 route broke that mindset). And remember, both Nikon and Canon made some of the top “small” ever made, the S3 family and Canon 7 family. And what replaced them? How much of a market share does Leica "small" have in the top end of the Full Frame market?

If the market research said there was growth potential, long term, in “mirrorless” you can bet Canon and Nikon would be in that market, cannibalizing their own product line in the process. But what part of their market are they cannibalizing? Full Frame. What market is Sony moving into with innovation? Full Frame.

The now is fewer cameras, more smart phones and tablets. Smart phones are the “smaller” and tablets are the “larger.” The future for this market appears to be "larger."

So, while I appreciate m4/3 and what it has to offer, I do use my e-pl1, it isn’t DSLR. For me DSLR really is the all-in-one solution for the foreseeable future. For me m4/3 is a viable adjunct, along with a Bessa R, but hardly a replacement. I’ll stay with Olympus as long as there are 4/3 bodies available for the lenses I use, but I will keep an eye on Nikon and Sony, if Olympus can't deliver...

BTW, the $114.95/1 year full warranty e-pm1 is probably the best m4/3 deal out there at the moment, and it definitely is small.

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