Great White Shark Photography

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Re: Great White Shark Photography

Chris 88 wrote:

LAHJ wrote:

Next thing I would bring is a cover for your camera and lens, as sea spray can be a big issue.

Maybe something like this.

Firstly they are great photos, the colors really pop and the framing is spot on.

Thank you for your advise, I had been wondering about spray. The D7100 is weather sealed but I don't know how much of a battering that can take and I'd rather not test it with salt water of all things! (Plus the lens wont be weather sealed) So I probably will get that cover closer to the time when my bank balance has recovered! I have got a Hoya Pro1 UV filter for protection. I will be going out early morning at sunrise so I'm hoping the sea tends to be a tad calmer then?

I've bought two SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-I 64GB, 95MB/s so I'm hoping that will be enough to shoot in RAW. I will probably delete photos I don't want when I get back to land as I then have another 8 days of traveling the coasts of South Africa. (safari, whale watching and a couple of national parks) I would love to take more equipment but my bank manager is going to cut up my visa if I spend much more! One thing I might do is take a portable HD drive and transfer photos onto that at the end of each day, but I don't have a laptop so I'm trying to think of a way of doing that without a computer....

On a side note getting away from photography (the blaspheme!), as someones that's familiar with Cape Town and the area. Is there anything you would recommend to someone going there for the first time? restaurants, attractions, hikes? etc, etc.

Firstly, the rain cover I gave you a link to was just to show you one of many on offer, and I have no personal experience with it. And as this type of shooting maybe a once off for you I would certainly look into some cheaper option.

Secondly I would not do this type of shooting without some type of filter to protect your front element. You might have to keep wiping it during the shooting and there might be more than salt in the spray. UV or CP all depend on your preference and available light, my choice would be a UV.

On the ( blaspheme ) note: A hike or cable car up Table Mountain - A hike up Signal Hill - Cape Point - Stellenbosch and the Wine lands - Waterfront, very good and safe in the evenings with plenty of restaurants.

And not least, after dark can be a not so friendly place so do take care.

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