Is your D4 battery holding its charge?

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It's the battery chemistry

rgolub wrote:

Yes, all batteries self discharge. Yes, the camera is never really "off".

But my experience with the D4 batteries mirrors yours and is a bit different from my experience with the D2x. The D4's batteries self discharge a noticeable bit more than the D2x's. Not enough to change how I use the camera, but enough that I've noticed it.

There are a number of possible reasons. 1) I could be hallucinating about it (time seems to fly by faster as I get older), 2) the D4 batteries are slightly smaller capacity than the D2x or D3, 3) the battery formulation / charging parameters / charging circuitry are different and may be tuned differently and 4) the D4 may have a higher idle draw than other cameras (phoning home to the NSA?).

You're not hallucinating, and it isn't a difference in camera body.

There is a significant and consistent difference in self-discharge rate between the EN-EL4/a batteries and the new EN-EL18 batteries, even for batteries sitting outside of the camera. The EN-EL4 variety can be left sitting for months with minimal self-discharge, whereas the EN-EL18 will lose the majority of their charge in a couple of months.

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