Poll re Nikon Df

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Re: Poll re Nikon Df

brianric wrote:

lost_in_utah wrote:

bikinchris wrote:

I like the Df just fine, but what I would like to see Nikon make is a digital Nikon S with the ability to use F moiunt lenses. I would prefer and FX sensor, but a DX would be cool also.

What do you think? Flame suit....on.

The second sentence doesn't make any sense. I'm not sure what you're asking. Should "and" be exchanged with "an"? I understand if you aren't a native English speaker, it's just hard to understand what's asked.

No, "and" should be replaced by "a".

If the sound of a word starts with the sound of a vowel, and even if it starts with a consonant, you use "an". For instance, "An FX camera costs more than a DX camera." The "an" is used correctly in that case.

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