Looking for a high end iMac, without the screen.

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Re: Looking for a high end iMac, without the screen.

7enderbender wrote:

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7enderbender wrote:

I just went with a tricked out Mac Mini instead of an iMac. I wanted to be able to chose my own monitor (bought a NEC 27"). So far this is working great for me.

I would strongly reconsider that. The Mac mini is now past due for its update. You should expect an update any day now.

Sure. We'll see about it. I still needed to buy mine in 2013 so waiting wasn't an option. If there really is a new one coming out very soon I'll see if it's worth swapping it if they let me. It's also the question what the differences will be.

Unfortunately Apple has recently come out with stuff that was no improvement over previous iterations.

Such as?

I wouldn't be shocked if the Mini suffered from that as well - soldered in memory,

Done in the process of reducing bulk, and possibly price.

inaccessible drives,

All drives in all MacBooks are as accessible as they were before. The key difference is that they are PCIe SSDs, except for the legacy 13" model. There already exists aftermarket SSDs for the Airs and others are to come out later in the year. The iMacs are for most users no different than the previous models. For those inclined to go inside their computers it is not a difficult task to open and reseal a current iMac. The mini is very simple and uses widely available SATA drives.

fewer ports (such as dropping firewire),

Firewire is old and inferior tech. Good riddance.

more design over function nonsense, etc.

Such as? The MacBook Pros have gotten thinner and lighter while greatly increasing in performance. The only significant difference is the soldered in RAM which is no big deal, just order it with maxed RAM.

Design that dramatically reduces bulk and weight is good design. I see no functionality being lost in Apple's current designs.

From a marketing perspective that would make perfect sense. An even more consumer level Mini would push folks like me toward buying a Mac Pro.

The Mac mini has always been the "more consumer level" Mac. Each mini has greatly increased in performance. They are awesome little computers.

So we'll see. For right now I'm happy and spent a few weeks now tweaking things to my liking and needs. Wouldn't really be thrilled doing that all over. It works and as far as I'm concerned it could do that for a several years without ever touching anything again.

What are the specs of the mini you bought?

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