XT1. Here is the first leaked pic.

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Re: Nice..but i want a XPro2 FF.

Dave Luttmann wrote:

D Mac wrote:

Photomonkey wrote:

FF will mean that Fuji would have to redesign its entire lens line. The lenses they have are universally superb and the new 56 1.2 will give the no-DOF fans everything they want.

I have had FF since the first 5D and while my 5DmkIIIs produce fine images my Panasonic G6 makes astonishing images much more easily right OOC.

With this new camera I might be able to ditch the big "manly" and heavy FF Canons and get stunning quality faster and more easily. That would be money in the bank for me.

Wouldn't they have to redesign all their lenses for use on a weather sealed body anyhow? And I heard a rumor that it will be coming with a weather sealed 50mm 1.2 as it's kit lens...doesn't this seem like a long focal length prime as a kit lens?

Any chance this could be a full frame? It would make more sense if the 50mm kit lens rumor pans out.

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Just for the 6,147,364th time this week....Fuji has said no FF plans are in the making....none....zip...nada. Anyone looking for FF for its mythical qualities can look to Sony, Canon or Nikon

Kind of like how they said no black x100s.

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