extremely affordable 4k (aka UHD) 28" displays coming as companion to your MP or rMBP

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Re: Wide - Gamut trumps resolution for Photography.

user_name wrote:

If the color spectrum is not wide gamut, all the pixels in the world will not reveal what is in your raw files and your post processing will never be correct.

fully agree - you need a wide gamut display to do that and not a single Apple display is currently a wide gamut display!!

As a photographer the target should always be to have a display that has as least as much color gamut as all the other devices you're syncing up with. Then proofing is possible and you actually see what you're doing and you can judge your workflow.

The before mentioned UHD displays are more or less all sRGB color gamut with two exceptions - the 31,5 inch Samsung and LG are wide gamut IPS panels and they probably cost far north of 3 k USD (±)

BUT 800 USD for a 10 bit UHD display with sRGB is surely better then 1 k USD for an Apple 27" Cinema Display with sRGB and only 2560x1440 Pixel 

And you can sell the UHD sRGB display as soon as an affordable wide gamut UHD display appears on the market - the price point is simply so low that it is a no-brainer to do that - you could only loose let's say 300 to 400 USD and you can use it with the target to acquire a better gamut display when the prices come down - in other words - I am not willing to spend 3 k USD on a display knowing it will come down over time in price.

The Mac PRO on the other side won't come down significantly in pricing - that never happened at Apple.

So you might loose 300 USD but at that point in time the wide gamut UHD displays will be ⅓ to ⅔ cheaper then today and the uplift in pricing on your used UHD display will be a fraction of the cost you'd have to pay today and you've probably had for two years the benefit of the nice resolution enhancement - not a bad deal IMHO

I do miss a wide gamut display but I miss the higher resolution even more and I know the limitations of my workflow and I am willing to accept it for another period of time knowing that the loss of investment is probably near to zero. But the win in eye candy though the higher resolution is probably more then compensating for the lower color gamut.

It's just the really low price that makes these new dispels so attractive - the videos on youtube and elsewhere don't shot any color uniformity problems and no big viewing angle dependence of the illumination - in fact the Lenovo Pro2840m just looks gorgeous - at least on par with my 27" Cinema Display - and I've been working with that display since it came out and I am o.k. with the color gamut knowing the areas of small gamut - makes sense I think.

And yes - color gamut is important but not for me at 3 k USD for a monitor - I#d assume that the IPS panels with wide gamut and UHD or bigger resolutions will get to 1500 USD over time in one to two years from now. you sell your 800 USD sRGB UHD display for 400 USD and spend in total maybe 1900 USD and save maybe 1100 to 1600 USD - sounds lie a good deal to me

(that money can be invested e.g. in photo trips)

BTW - I received my (maxed out) 13 inch rMBP last Monday and had some time to play with it - it' just amazing to work with that resolution enhancement - even though the color gamut of the rMBP is just sRGB it is amazing to look at 2560 pixel on a 13 inch display - even the scaled 1680 pixel resolution looks gorgeous - that's the effect i like to see for all my applications including non photo related work - I'll work on the gamut later but it's definitely on my list as the last step in display technology needed.

So you're right from a photographer's perspective but you're maybe missing the point of a clever investment strategy or you simply trade off resolution vs color gamut. (which is maybe necessary due to clients that need that treatment - I have to admit)

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