Price Mark up for "Made in Japan"...

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Price Mark up for "Made in Japan"...

What are the manufacturing costs to make a highly precise product in Japan these days?

Many posters here feel the Nikon DF is overpriced based on build and feature set. Some even stated that based on the build and feature set (which is similar to the D610), the DF should have been around the price of a D610  - $2000. Others even feel that many of the "flaws" of the DF stated in this forum and others would have been "acceptable" or even a non issue if the price was lower (e.g.: no one really complains about the AF in the D610 but bitterly complain about the DF AF even though the two AF systems are very similar). Could the fact that the D610 is made and Thailand and the DF is made in Japan account for much of the price difference between the two?

If you look at other consumer markets, similar spec'd products vary greatly in price based on where they are made. For example, in the guitar instrument industry, Fender guitars are made in USA, Mexico and even China. Mexican made guitars are usually priced around $500-$800, but a similarly spec'd USA made guitar costs $1200-$2000 (easily a $600 to $1500 mark up difference). This is probably due to higher labor costs in the USA and arguably better QC in the more expensive product compared to the more affordable one. High end Japanese guitars (like ESP) use a very similar product strategy. Japanese made ESP electric guitars are around $1500 to $2500 for standard production models while Korean made versions of these standard models (exactly the same specs in some cases) are around $500-$800 (again...easily a $500 or more mark up difference)

Based on the above, I would argue that the Nikon DF price is within reason and a fair price for it's build (similar or a bit better build compared to the D610), Feature set (similar to the D610), the addition of the D4 sensor and engine and that it is Made in Japan (high manufacturing costs etc.)

If the DF was made in Thailand or Malaysia, I would speculate that the price would have been in the $2000-$2300 range which would have appealed to a lot more people.

An interesting question would be what would have been the price of the D610 if it was made in Japan!

Food for thought


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