D700 MB-D10 Grip & NI-MH Batteries

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Re: D700 MB-D10 Grip & NI-MH Batteries

Plus24 wrote:

I just purchased the MB-D10 grip for my D700.

It does not recognize my MAHA AA Powerex 2700 mAh 1.2 v. Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.

I went to the d. Shooting/Display menu and changed the d10 MB-D10 battery type to Ni-MH HR6 (AA Ni-MH)

I also changed the d11 Battery Order menu setting to use MB-D10 first before using the EN-EL3 battery in camera.

I then switched to both camera and grip using the camera batteries and it recognized the EN-EL3 battery in the grip. I checked the Battery Info and both batteries were showing with the MB-D10 outlines as the primary battery in use before the camera battery. Worked fine.

I then switched to AA Alkaline (Duracel) batteries in the grip. They worked fine and the fps was much faster, as expected. Of course, I changed the battery type in the menu to AA alkaline. I checked Battery Info and both grip AA batteries and Camera battery were showing with AA's as primary batteries.

I tried the Ni-MH rechargeable batteries again. I changed the menu setting back to Ni-MH batteries. Still no luck.

Does anyone know why the MAHA AA don't work in the grip? Is it the mAh of 2700 that is too high?

If the MAHA batteries are incompatible with the grip, can someone recommend rechargeable batteries that are compatible? How about the Eneloop? Please be specific as to the exact type of battery.

Thanks for any help.


I don't know too much about using AA rechargeable batteries, but when I had the Meike grip for my D700, I bought/used the En-EL4 battery, but you have to purchase the BL3 adaptor so the battery will fit into the grip.  Yes, burst rate went up.  I no longer have the D700/grip because it was close but not like my D3s.  Replaced the D700/grip with the D600 as my 2nd camera.

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