Choice between D610 and D800

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Re: Choice between D610 and D800

jtra wrote:

For landscapes, I would be happy with D600/D610. A resolution difference between D600/D610 and D800 is very small. Just look up entry "17 October 2012" from
There are files from both and difference is there, but minimal. I can identify which has more resolution, even if I downsample both to 16MP, but that is only by closely looking at 1:1 pixels of that 16MP. But I guess only pixel peepers would ever notice. So added resolution is not drawing me to D800 except for occasional DX crop use.

Thanks for that very useful link.  He did post a couple of full size images of the same scene with both cameras, and yes, the difference is very small indeed.  Minimal, to be sure.  I agree with his opinion when he summed up the D600 images as "SWEET."

This lends confidence to the D610 buying decision.   Thanks for posting it.

Here's another point that some of you may not be aware of.  It is possible to shoot the D800 at 24 mp, by choosing the 1.2 crop setting, and some people say, "You don't need a 600 or 610.  Just use the 800 at the 1.2 crop."  Well, I have done that with my D800, hundreds of times, and the resolution is still excellent, but here's the problem:  Now you're at a crop mode.  That means that my beautiful 14-24 lens, or whatever wide angle lens you favor -- isn't so wide angle any more!  Landscapes want to be wide angle, and the crop mode robs you of your lens's potential.  In other words, the D800 forces you to shoot at 36 mp for most landscapes to get the full spread, even though you may not want such big files in many cases.

The D610 appeals to me for this reason also.  I can shoot true wide angle with my favorite lenses, at 24 mp, and get the kind of fabulous detail seen in that link above.  Just like when I shoot the D800 at 24 mp, without missing anything, but not be forced into the biggest file size, which is often, if not mostly, unnecessary.  .

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